Sunday, July 12, 2009

Working in the summer heat

I have put in many hours of work in my front yard as most of the flowers there have finished for the season. All the daisies needed to be cut and the seed heads clipped and spread for next year. I let them go through that dead, drying, seeding phase that I'm sure my neighbors don't understand at all. The daylily stalks needed pulling as they bloomed very early this year...they knew the drought and high heat were coming. It is high summer now, so not much is happening in the garden because of the intense heat.

The pictures were taken awhile back.


glnroz said...

I let my 2 acre front yard "seed" its Indian Paintbrush flowere before I mow them..To heck with the neighbors..

elk said...

your garden is wild looking just the way i like it ...natural!