Friday, July 17, 2009

Waiting and rambling...

I was held captive all day waiting for the A/C repairman to come. He came yesterday and was to come back today...he was a no show, no phone call. You know, I consider my time very valuable, even though I don't always get paid for it. I had planned to run errands and such. Well, I'm not one to rant and complain so I rearranged my day.
I did get to finish a book. I got many little projects putting together the new spice rack/swivel-Susie thingy, that I have had for weeks, and put it in, in place of the old one which was scotch-taped together, but leaning dangerously...did some purging in my studio. Yep, lots of puttering and waiting...uncovered surfaces I haven't seen for a while...found the Tai-Chi DVD I have been looking for...wondered many times, why did I kept that?
I remade some earrings...I had a pair of chandeliers that I took apart and made into two nice pair of drop earrings. The chandelier earrings are just too big for me. I also changed a pair from post to hooks. If I find a pair of drop earrings I like that have posts I will buy them and change them to French hooks. Post are not comfortable to me. I do this a lot with my jewelry.
See...see how I am rambling...It's that kind of day...


California Girl said...

don't you hate that?!! We can't even get a time frame for a repair person any longer.

Peaches was/is my nickname, dating back to high school. The person who first called me that is gone but other still do. I love it.

Peaches said...

Hey, you make the third Peaches, not including me, that I have met. I had a friend in college who dated a guy named Peach, who happened to have the same birthday as me, and I worked with a woman at one of my many college jobs who was also named Peaches...we had to go by our last names there.
Thanks for stopping by.

California Girl said...

Peaches: I had to get back to you on your reply. My best friend also dated a guy named Peach, Marty Peach, when we were in high school. I saw him for the first time in 30+ yrs last summer at my (gulp) 40th high school reunion (it was a year early) and I didn't recognize him but just about fell over when he introduced himself, only because he'd been so crazy about her and she dumped him. He asked about her and I told her later.

Peaches is a very popular user ID. I used to try to get it but it was always taken...and I'm talking 10+ yrs ago. So, California Girl works for me. The father of a friend of mine nicknamed me that when we moved to New England. I kind of blew him away and he chalked it up to my being from California (as most people do for some strange reason even if they've been there).

Heres to the Peaches of the world!