Monday, January 18, 2010

I’m stuck

OK…I have tried to deny it, but…I was seriously depressed over the holidays. This is the first Christmas without my mom. I miss her so much. She lived with me for 22 years…It’s like losing an arm.

And today I realized I’m still depressed…I can’t seem to get it together. I’m tired and sleep a lot, or escape in a book…but I am not getting anything done. My house needs a deep clean, my garden need attention, I need to finish blocking the play before the next rehearsal…but I can’t seem to do it. Intellectually I know what it is…but, emotionally …I’m stuck.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Leonard Sax

I attended an all day In-Service today on single gender vs. co-ed education.

Dr. Leonard Sax, a leading expert in the field of single-gender education, was the presenter.

It was a great workshop with loads of current research and resources.

I have long been a believer in single-gender education and it is nice to see that research is supporting it with such in-depth studies.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dinner and a Movie

Had another date last night with “the falcon,” he is such a nice person. We had dinner then went to see It’s Complicated. What a delightful movie. I laughed so is of my generation and is so funny. I highly recommend it.

Today is my last day of vacation. I plan to roast a duck, cook carrots from the garden, and putter around the house doing domestic chores. It’s a beautiful day for it.

A friend of mine posted this video on Facebook today and I enjoyed watching it. It shows how much fun we can have with animals. The dog looks as if it is having a blast.

Enjoy it. Make a great day!