Saturday, July 4, 2009

Our values are shifting

"...The great problem of our time
is that we don't understand
what is happening to the world.
We are confronted
with the darkness of our soul,
the unconscious.
It sends up its dark
and unrecognizable urges.
It hollows out and hacks up
the shapes of our culture
and its historical dominants.
We have no dominants anymore,
they are in the future.
Our values are shifting,
everything loses its certainty,
even sanctissima cusalitas
has descended from the throne
of the axioma and has become
a mere field of probability.
Who is the awe-inspiring guest
who knocks at our door portentously?
Fear precedes him,
showing that ultimate values
already flow towards him.
Our hitherto believed values decay accordingly
and our only certainty is that the new world
will be something different from what we were used to.”

-letter from Dr. C. G. Jung to Sir Herbert Read, 2 September. 1960

Photo by Peaches

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