Friday, October 30, 2009

Recap of my week

Last weekend I did my best to do all of my domestic necessities, except the laundry, on Saturday because Sunday I had to work. I went in to school Sunday morning at 9:00 to photograph the Primary Father-Daughter Mass and Brunch (primary is Pre-K through fourth grade). After that, I set up a small art exhibit of my studio art students’ work, cleaned and set up my rooms for visitors, displayed computer students’ work in the hall, and set up a PowerPoint of students photography . From 2 to 4 it was Open House (Meet and Greet) for interested new families. I was back home by 5:00.

My plans were to cook chili for the week and do the laundry. I jumped right in. I chopped up two onions and started them in the pot, then went to the refrigerator to get the stew meat (I like a chunky chili) …that is when my day took a nose dive. When I opened the door it was warm… not cold… I had to toss a lot of food. No worries I thought, I can cook from the pantry. I decided to started a load of laundry and then regroup…so I did. Back to the kitchen … I decide to make a quick tomato sauce, using the onions, with some spelt pasta. As I am getting that stared, I hear a very bad noise from the laundry room. I go check it out and the washer is making the horrible noise… I open the lid and smoke billows out… and of course it is filled with water. So, between tending my supper I wrung out clothes. Now, in Louisiana you cannot leave wet clothes in a pile…they mildew over night. You can put wet clothes in the frig, but that was not an option…so I put my wet, soapy clothes through the dryer…poor dryer …poor clothes. Two appliances out in one day…I smiled …I carried on …but I was feeling the budget tension inside. I did not sleep well Sunday night.

Monday I went to work as usual… I called the repairman and made an appointment for Tuesday morning… I arranged to take the day off.

Tuesday… The repairman calls at 7:15am to say I am first on the list and that he would be over soon… waiting… repairman arrives at 9:30. He works on the frig first and in about 45 minutes has it repaired… cost $125.00… not too bad. The frig is old and I was thinking it might not be fixable. The washer, which is less than five years old, is next. He starts testing and replacing parts. When he gets to over $250.00 in parts alone, he stops and announces the time of death… removes replaced parts... no charge.

Nothing for it… “Suck it up, Peaches; you’re off to Lowes to buy a new washer.” I walk in…go to the appliance section… locate the cheapest Whirlpool washer… flag down a salesman… order… arrange for next day delivery… check out with plastic… home by 11:00.
Now, you know I brought paper work home and sense my school has a laptop program and we are online (Moodle-virtual classroom, RenWeb-virtual grade book/Homework Board/Lesson Plans, and Rubicon Atlas-virtual curriculum mapping) I had plenty to do… so I worked on a bit of that… then I read a bit as a treat to myself.

At 5:00 Lowes calls to say they would like to deliver the washer now as they have a lot for Wednesday… I say yes, come now… waiting… they arrive at 6:30 and finishes at 7:30… long, expensive day.

This made the Parent/Teacher conferences on Thursday seem like a piece of cake…

Now it’s Friday a 5:45 pm and I am still at work… processing senior pictures, which takes time. I am typing this in-between-time.

I think I might make chili this weekend…


Joanna Jenkins said...

Waiting for repair men "on their way' is the worst.... No, paying their bill is the worst, waiting for them is the second worst.

Hope your weekend is good.

hungeryjack said...

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