Sunday, March 28, 2010

On the other side

I have made it to the other side of the production. What a great show it was, with a good mix of heavy, dark history and comic relief. My girls did a great job. I am so proud of them. I love watching them grow as individuals through the process of stage production. However, I am exhausted…worn out, bushed, and pooped. It takes everything…or more correctly, I give it everything, but I love every minute of it.

I worked in the garden yesterday…first time in a very long time…and it was great. I got my herb garden weeded…a four by ten foot bed…and the heather and blackberry beds. All the snow we had this year has wiped out most of my herbs, so I will have to replant. I was wonderfully sore last night…definitely out of shape in this area. I have spring break coming up soon. I will spend most of it in the garden. That will get my backside in shape fast.

This morning I am catching up with Facebook and Blogger. Let me rant a moment about Facebook. I was never into chain letters. Then these critters became e-mail forwards…but they were still chain letters. Now they have made their appearance on Facebook…as the copy and paste in your status chain letters. No matter how cute, or sweet, or laced with social pressure…they are still chain letters. I hold the line…I do not do chain letters. I do not understand how my friends get sucked into these things…they are intelligent women who should know better.

…and I know I used the “…” a lot, but I am not a blogger because I want to be a writer…I am not a writer. I blog as if I am having a conversation…in a stream of consciousness kind of way…that is totally informal. Just thought I’d clear that up…


glnroz said...

glad to hear the production went off well.. but I dont think anyone doubted that it would. Not a writer here either, but I like to "write", socialized and just plain talk,,sometimes,, lol

Joanna Jenkins said...

YEAH!!! So glad the production went well. Kudos all the way around.

I'm not a Facebook fan, I even recently deactivated my account. It's just too much for me to keep up with.

I envy your garden. It sounds like you'll have wonderful treats this summer!

Happy weekend,